Character Analysis:

“Everyday Use” A Mother’s Decision




·        In Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use,” the mother gives the family quilts to her younger daughter, Maggie, even though the older daughter, Dee who has never learned the meaning of the word no, demands the quilts for herself. Analyze the decision the mother makes and how she makes it. How does she view her daughters at the beginning of the story? How does that view change? What realization does she come to? What has the mother learned about herself? How has she changed?

·        Be sure that you have a strong thesis statement in your introduction, topic sentences and specific examples or quotations for each body paragraph, and a thought-provoking conclusion. Please use at least three quotations from the story in your essay and write at least two pages (typed, double spaced).



In order to prepare for the essay, review your notes and think about why the mother makes the decision to give the quilts to Maggie. How does the narrator view her daughers? Make a list of the characteristics that the mother sees in Dee and an alternate list of traits for Maggie. How does her veiw change? Why does it change? Then look at the sample outline and either use it and fill in the details or form your own outline.


Due Dates

Pre-writing: Monday, October 8
First Draft: Wednesday, September 10
Second Draft: Tuesday, September 16
Final Draft: Monday, October 22